Why have you created jump!Agility?

jump!Agility is a pop up agency, created by jump! Innovation to help existing and potential clients respond to the COVID-19 crisis with incredible speed, surety and expertise. You brief us on Monday. We give you the answer on Friday.

Ok great, but who are jump! Innovation?

jump! Innovation is an insight, innovation and strategy agency that has solved hundreds of challenges for leading cross category clients in multiple countries for over 17 years. We do this out of our offices in London and Dublin. You can find out more about jump! Innovation here.

What’s the difference between jump! Innovation and jump!Agility?

jump!Agility is a lean version of jump! Innovation with tighter project scopes and timelines to help companies progress specific challenges at extreme pace. It also has its own bespoke team. jump! Innovation continues to work with companies on longer-term, possibly more sophisticated challenges.

What do you mean by ‘pop-up’?

We have created jump!Agility, with a specific set of tools and services, designed to help you to navigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business. Once the need for a fast response to CV19 has passed, we will be closing jump!Agility. Our parent brand - jump! Innovation - continues to operate as usual throughout this period and into the future.

Can jump!Agility me help with any type of business challenge?

Our products are designed to tackle single-minded insight, innovation or strategy challenges that enable you to make better decisions at pace. For more complex projects jump! Innovation, our parent company, will be happy to provide a totally bespoke proposal utilising our full insight, innovation and strategy toolkit.

How are you able to promise one-week turnaround for projects?

We are able to deliver more responsive insight, strategy and innovation through having four ‘off-the-shelf’ products. These all have:
i. A clear single minded project objective identified with you at the start of the week.
ii. A pre-defined and timetabled processes through the week that we require you to keep to.
iii. Set documents such as topic guides and questionnaires with sections that we can adjust to your specific needs.

Is there any flexibility in the four core offers outlined? I.e. Conducting more than the three focus groups in the ‘Get Insight’ offer? Or extending the length of the ‘Get Ideas’ workshop?

There is scope for some small flexibility in each offer that we would be happy to discuss, as long as we have a clear and single minded objective and you are committing to working with us at pace. Additional tasks may extend the length of project and fee.

Can we cover more than one topic in qual research?

For pace we cover one core topic per project. To understand that topic we ask a few key questions related to that single minded challenge.

Are all of your projects conducted remotely?

Yes. jump!Agility is designed to operate during the COVID-19 crisis and as such everything we do is specifically designed to be done while working remotely. We don’t offer any ‘face to face’ sessions. All research and workshop sessions for example are conducted via video conferencing using specialist software.

Can you debrief faster than one week?

In certain circumstances we can look to make turnaround even faster than one week. This is dependent on the specific challenge. It does not involve any cost saving.

Do you negotiate on price?

No. Our terms and prices are set and published. There may be the opportunity to add on specific extra tasks for additional fee as required.